5 Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired homes for sale across South Florida, mapped

Honoring FLW’s 150th birthday

As many design fanatics are aware, Thursday marked the 150th birthday of Frank Lloyd Wright.

The legendary architect might’ve passed away in 1959 but his organic architectural philosophy lives on through not only the 532 structures he completed, but also via his horde of acolytes from all across the globe.

The closest Frank Lloyd Wright’s works came to Miami was Lakeland and he was never a fan of Magic City architecture. Time Magazine, circa 1955, quoted him saying, “Miamians are living in houses pigs would be ashamed to live in.” Nonetheless, we come across plenty of listings from all over South Florida with “inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright” in the description.

The following map entails six active listings featuring homes designed under FLW influences. They are ordered from north to south.

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