Breakfast links: Mayor Bowser faces fines for fraudulent campaign backers

DC’s mayor was fined $13,000, and can raise funds to pay for it

Mayor Muriel Bowser’s campaign committee will have to pay $13,000 in fines for illegal contributions to her campaign for office 3 years ago. The campaign is also allowed to fundraise to pay for the fine, and has raised $4,000 so far.  (Aaron C. Davis / Post)

Why is your train waiting? Blame the chaos of the Metro control center

Overworked Rail Operations Control Center employees are the main reason Metro riders hear “We’ll be moving momentarily, train ahead of us” so often. Fewer functions are automated now, and Metro said 66% more employees are needed to handle the increased workload.  (Max Smith / WTOP)

Uber and Lyft are now official options at BWI – at a price

Maryland has finally authorized Uber and Lyft to pick up and drop off passengers at BWI airport, but at an additional charge of $2.50 per trip. As part of the deal, the airport will designate specific zones for picking up and dropping off passengers.   (Luz Lazo / Post)

When will Wards 7 and 8 get grocery stores?

With only 3 grocery stores in Wards 7 and 8, the nearly 150,000 residents of those wards struggle to meet basic food needs. This is revealed in a a new report that underscores how much of a grocery desert Wards 7 and 8 have become.  (Christina Sturdivant / DCist)

What will DC be like without the FBI?

When the FBI leaves downtown DC, the area will lose some of its character. That character has little to do with the Hoover building, but a lot to do with the people who occupy it.  (John Kelly / Post)

Self-driving buses are coming to Reno

The University of Reno has started a three-phase project to develop a self-driving bus by 2019.  Phase 1, which is currently underway, uses a human driver to gather data that will then be used in phase 2 to develop the self-driving systems, with phase 3 involving licensing and commercialization.  (Aarian Marshall / Wired)

The House approved a bipartisan move to seek justice for a protest-turned-brawl

The House of Representatives voted 397-0 in favor of a resolution to seek justice for the protesters who were violently attacked by Turkish security forces in DC last month.  (Rachel Sadon / DCist)

In Southern California, a woman decries the loss of community

An elderly woman in Southern California who baked bread for every new neighbor wrote about the detached feeling of her community, how no one can have a small farm anymore, and how intolerance and electronic devices has dominated.  (Mrs. S. F. Kistler / The Federalist)

Thumbnail: Image by Lorie Shaull licensed under Creative Commons.

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