Breakfast links: This year’s Capital Pride embraced a more resistant tone

DC’s Pride weekend reflects an uncertain era for the LGBT community

Sunday’s Equality March underscored a different, more political vibe for Pride weekend, in reaction to anxiety and anger over the Trump administration and events like last year’s Pulse nightclub shooting.  (Christianna Silva / WAMU)

Metro cites worker safety as main reason to run trains manually

Metro claims it’s keeping trains running on manual control because it’s still the best way to ensure the safety of track workers, but the manual set-up has been a detriment to workers in its control center, who are increasingly stressed.  (Martin Di Caro / WAMU)

MetroAccess customers are fed up with long waits and bad rides

The quality of MetroAccess service has dipped considerably since last fall, with customers experiencing long waits and lengthy rides. Metro is working to address a driver shortage since many have switched over to ride-sharing services for better pay.  (Post)

Both sides of the Purple Line continue legal spat over construction

Purple Line opponents want a federal judge to deny a motion to continue construction of the light rail line, citing high costs and environmental issues. Maryland says the motion is needed to address rising construction costs due to constant legal delays.  (Bethany Rodgers / Bethesda Beat)

Alexandria mulls a change to its affordable housing requirement due to money woes

Alexandria will consider changing a rule that says when the city loses an affordable housing unit, it will be replaced with another one. The high construction costs and likely dwindling funds for affordable housing are putting the city in a bind.  (Patricia Sullivan / Post)

A new law in Maryland will offer better protection for cyclists in crosswalks

A new Maryland law that goes into effect this fall gives cyclists and others the right of way on crosswalks. A loophole in the current law means that pedestrians have the right of way but the law does nothing to address cyclists.  (Katherine Shaver / Post)

The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool will be drained following ducklings’ deaths

The Mall’s iconic Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool will be drained and refilled this week, to get rid of a parasite that recently killed about 80 ducklings. The National Park Service says draining the pool is the best way to fix the problem.  (Post)

You’ll need an extra $5,000 to afford a 2-bedroom home in DC

The salary required to afford a 2-bedroom home in the District increased $5,000 from last year to a total of nearly $70,000, with the average rent for a 2-bedroom home at $1,746.  (Christina Sturdivant / DCist)

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